Music for Wellness

In the studio again...

After a long pandemic, music is emerging again slowly, and so as I feel loaded with new insight, I embark on my 10th album - SunWay - A trance-Groove Journey.

In SunWay, I am re-uniting with my musical brothers Bruce Carver and Will Clipman on percussion.

Carbe & Durand, Bruce Carver, SOLVEI and videographer Benedicte Schoyen

It has been a great thrill to work with Carbe & Durand, the wonderful guitar virtuoso duo and backbone of the international phenomenon INCENDIO.  We enjoyed recording three songs together including the classic "Amado Mio".  Looking forward to continuing our collaboration  

Light Bath Healing - Guided meditation for sleep 

“Light Bath Healing” is now on iTunes and assists people in attaining a deep relaxed state and well-being. This album is the perfect soundtrack before bed time. "Light Bath Healing" has proven to help the listener fall asleep easily and have a peaceful sleep throughout the whole night. 


Solvei is an experienced meditation/yoga instructor, as well as being the music composer of several award winning albums, both in the New-Age category, as well as in the jazz category.