A sonic trip, threading a beautiful voice with very talented style and musicality. It all feels natural and timeless like the beauty of the American Southwest" - Bruce Markoe Head of Production, Overture Films USA”

 "Solvei... is an amazing 21st century live performance artist!" - Al Bowman, CEO, Los Angeles Music Awards

Solvei’s voice is a subtle force of nature: capable of caressing like warm tropical sun or cutting through like icy tundra wind; and possessed of every nuance in between. A Soul’s Journey is a work of heartfelt and heart-opening beauty." - Will Clipman, seven-time Grammy® Nominee

Solvei is not only a sound sculptor, but she is a musician's musician.  With intelligence, beauty, and passion." -  Brad Keimach, Conductor

Sings from her heart, dances to the beat, feels it all from her soul, extraordinary, eclectic, amazing talent, a totally unforgettable experience leaving you wanting more..." - Nancy Smith, Los Angeles

Intoxicating energy, exhilarating,  inspirational, awesome!  Thanks for sharing a wonderful evening with us..."- Glenn Freeman